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As you know these days getting a reliable web hosting provider is getting harder to come by. So looking around the web you will need to make sure you review things and take a look a pricing. These days reseller hosting has become a very important part for webmasters. You can host unlimited domains and still sell or give free hosting to family and friends. Most web designers will take a reseller host account and add there own clients so they make the money every month and they can maintain the customers websites as well. But you need to make sure you look for the best reseller hosting plans that make sense for what you need , like space and bandwidth.

There are numerous providers in the market today  and each has there positive to most but a few carry a negative. Like limited amount of domains . You want to check with the providers to make sure they do give you unlimited. Lets run some numbers for you to see what you can make in running your own reseller hosting business. If you sign up at hostoople for there starter plan at 11.95 per month , you can sell hosting for 2.99 per month . If you can land 100 clients  a year that is 300.00 dollars a year revenue growth . Over 4-5 years you will have some side cash. The flip side to everything is that if you also maintain the sites-security, updates and changes you can charge 10-15 dollars per month. Now at those numbers you will see how easy it can to make some side money. If you work really hard you can actually build up a full time job running your own business.

Marketing comes in first to all this. Marketing will be your 1# thing you need to get your new business going or feed the fire as they say. Get google ad credits from coupon places online, do flyers in your local town. Cold call small businesses, see if you can get them to move over to you or maintain or update there website for them . Most times small business owners do not want the headache of updating and securing there own sites. They want to just run there business and have you do that work for them. Link building for authority and anchor text to rank for some keywords is a must as well. You will need to read some online to start to learning how seo works and what you need to do to launch your business and actually start gaining customers. Seo is critical for any organic traffic you will get . Growing your business you will need organic growth for sure.

Look forward to talking more soon and good luck to you and your new reseller hosting business plans. If you ever need anything please reach out to the hostoople team for help. They are always ready and willing to help you.

Thank you Nick Anderson



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